Depatment of Economics

  • The Department of Economics is established in the year 2000. With the aim the college started the subject as an optional subject at the under graduate level. The department is an active and energetic. The department provides valuable knowledge to students. Mr. Satyaprem Lagad and Mr. N.D. Paithane worked as an Assistant Professor (on CHB) in the department. Mr. B.V. Shinde also worked as an Assistant Professor (on CHB) in the department. From 13th August 2007 to 3rd August 2010 Mr. Shivaji Ramrao Kakade, worked as an Assistant Professor and Head of the department. Meanwhile during 4th August 2010 to 10th July 2013 Mr. B. R. Raskar worked as an Associate Professor and Head of the department. At present Dr. Shivaji R. Kakade working as an Associate Professor and Head of the department.
  • Vision Statement: ‘Vidhya Amrutam Asnute’ is the motto of the institution. The institution aims at eliminating darkness, ignorance, slavery and superstition through education and to imbibe scientific attitude and enable students in knowledge, moral in behavior, strong and free from fear, committed to fraternity and social justice and contributing in nation building.
  • Mission Statement: To impart education to rural and underprivileged section of the society and to strengthen all-round regional development and enable students to enlighten one’s life as well as social and national life.

Course Details

Class Sem. P.No. Name of the Paper
B.A.F.Y. Sem I CC-1A Micro Economics
CC-1B Macro Economics
Sem II CC-2C Micro Economics
CC-2D Macro Economics
B.A.S.Y. Sem III V Macro Economics
VI Development Economics
Sem IV VII Public Finance
VIII Statistical Methods
B.A.T.Y. Sem V IX International Economics
X Agricultural Economics
XI History of Economic Thought
XII Project Work
Sem VI XIII Research Methodology
XIV Industrial Economics
XV Indian Economic Thinker
XVI Project Work


Teaching Staff

# Name of Faculty Designation Qualification Experience
1 Dr. S. R. Kakade Associate Professor & Head M.A., SET, Ph.D. (Eco.) 16 Yrs.

Research Publications

# Name of Faculty National Journals International Journals Conf. Proceeding Chapter in Book Books
1 Dr.S.R. Kakade 21 18 39 11 --

Student Enrollement

# Academic Year B.A.F.Y. B.A.S.Y. B.A.T.Y. Total
3 2018-19 42 21 19 82
4 2019-20 46 25 15 86
5 2020-21 28 14 08 50
6 2021-22 42 11 13 66

Results (from 2016-2017 on words)

# Academic Year B.A.F.Y. B.A.S.Y. B.A.T.Y.
1 2018-19 80.86 89.03 94.08
2 2019-20 83.59 88.96 88.65
3 2020-21 84.44 87.44 84.92
3 2021-22 91.07 88.30 84.10
4 2022-23 83.80 87.36 94.96

Events & Activities

  • 1. Financial Education Programme organized for college staff on 4th Feb. 2019
  • 2. Financial Education and Consumer Training (FACT) organized for college students on 20th Jan. 2020
  • 3. Online Financial Education Training Programme (FETP) organized for school teachers on 17th-18th Jan. 2022
  • 4. Completed Socio-Economic Survey of Families domiciled in Georai Taluka during 2022-23

Best Practices & Future Plan

    Organize guest lecture on different contemporary issues.

    Wall paper publication on current economic issues.

    Student research projects for the University Examination.

    Short term Certificate Course.

    Study Tours/ Field trips.

    Mentoring to the college students.

    Functional Collaboration with other college department.

    Continuous internal evaluation.

    Guidance for competitive examinations.

Future Plan

  • To organize National level seminar/ conference.
  • To arrange Study Tour/ Field visit.
  • To organize guest lectures on contemporary issues.
  • To develop departmental library.
  • To start certificate course
  • To increase research publication.
  • To survey economic condition/problems of society through students.