College Library

About College Library

Library is heart of the institution and reflect the culture of institution. In higher education the library has its own importance. It heps in widening the range of knowledge and information of teachers and students. Our college library has tried it’s best to provide necessary material to all the components of the college and looked after the quantitative growth in library facilities.

The library consist of processing section, reference section periodical section,Stack Rooms, internet Lab and reading room. 50 Students can sit and read in the library at a time. 03 computer system are provided for use online resources and Online Public Access catalog(OPAC) so student can search available resources, entire library under CCTV surveillance.

Central Library at a glance

  • Total np. of books: 7460
  • Total no of Titles: 3978
  • Total no. of text books: 4540
  • Reference Books: 1933
  • Other Books: 987
  • Total no. of books adds. (last Year): 505


Library Services:

  • OPAC

Library Rules

  • For membership of Library the students have to pay deposit of Rs. 50/-
  • The students will provide taken cards only after showing admission receipt and indenty card duly signed by the principal.
  • The students have to put demand slip for acquiring the books.
  • Book will be provided to the students on a day & time specially mentioned in thetimetable.
  • At the time of circulation student must personality & produce their identity cards.
  • For home reading single books is proded to every students According to availability two books are provided as per demand.
  • Reference books, Dictionaries, Encyclopedies etc. are not provided for home reading.
  • For home reading books are provided only for a week. There after every day a fine of 0.25/- for the period of daily up to 8 days. Rs. 0.50/- up to 15 days. Rs. 1.00 after one month will be recoverd from the borrower. If required librarian can call back any from any reader at a time.

Reading Hall Rules

  • Each student should have his own Identity card while entering in the library or Reading hall.
  • After entering in Reading hall students have to enter their names into the register and sing.
  • Silence must be kept in the library and Reading hall.
  • When the practical and classes are running students should not sit in the reading hall.
  • On submitting Identity Card student get one book to read in the library .If said book is taken at home , without permission they will be fined Rs.1/-per day.
  • Encyclopedia, Dictionaries, Reference books, University Question Papers will not be allowed to take at home.

Future Plans

  • To enhance the E-resources (other than print books)
  • To developed network with J.B.S.P.Mandal’s college libraries for inter library loan & borrowing facility.
  • To make Institutional Repository of College.
  • To increase Vast number of reference books.
  • To install Application of RFID Technology in Libraries.

Library Practices

  • User Orientation
  • Best Reader Award
  • Computerization of library with Cloud Base Library Management Software LIBMAN
  • Customized services to physically challenged users
  • Well Furnished competitive examination study reading room with books & magazine
  • Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC )
  • M-OPAC Facility

Extension Activities

  • Library Orientation Program:Every year the library conduct library orientation programe for new comers in order to make them aware of the library facilities available for them.
  • Best Reader Award: College Library gives Best Reader Award to the Student who make the best use of library facilities and spend quality time in the library, the award carries memento, Certificate and Book.
  • Books Exhibition: library organize book exhibition. To inculcate the reading habits among the students and motivate them to read good books in the internet era, and aware them current as well as classic literature available in the library.

Library Services

Library Staff

# Name Designation E-mail
01 Dr.Gavhane M.P. Librarian

Advisory Committee

# Name Designation
01 Prin.Dr.Sarkate Sadashiv Haribhau Chairman
02 Dr.Gavhane Maharudra Prabhu Secretary
03 Dr. Pawal Ayodhya Dattatray Member
04 Dr.Dhawle Jayram Shrirang Member
05 Dr Ghuge Shivlal Pandharinath Member
06 Prof.Dr. Yashwantkar Santoshkumar Laxman Member
07 Mr. Ingole Chetan Ragunath Member
08 Mr.Raut Jalindar Eknathrao Non Teaching Respresentative
09 Shri.Thosar Mahesh Narayan Respresentative

Research Publications

Dr. Gavhane M.P
Type Regional State National International Total
Research Paper in journal -- 01 -- 08 09
Chapter in the Books -- -- 03 -- 03
Conference/Seminar/Workshop -- 01 04 02 07
Webinar -- -- -- -- --
RC/OC/MOOCs RC-03, OC-01, STC-02 06
FDP -- -- 02 -- 02
Paper Presented -- 01 06 -- 07


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