Vision, Mission and Goals

The Motto

“विद्या अमृतम अश्नुते" "Vidya Amrutam Ashnute”

By knowledge one attains to immortality.- Ishopanishad mantra

The Vision

‘Vidhya Amrutamsnute’ is the motto of the institution. The institution aims at eliminating darkness, ignorance, slavery and superstition through education and to imbibe scientific attitude and enable students in knowledge, moral in behavior, strong and free from fear, commited to fraternity and social justice and contributing in nation building.

The Mission

  • To impart education to rural and underprivileged section of the society and to strengthen allround regional development and enable students to enlight one’s life as well as social and national life.


  1. To impart qualitative education to students from socially, economically an educationally backward communities for their holistic development.
  2. To inculcate democratic, cultural and moral values among students.
  3. To promote, maintain and strengthen the cultures of research in the field affecting everyday life.
  4. To develop social commitment towards nation building in the students.
  5. To promote the culture of creativity, originality and individuality among the students and staff.
  6. To make aware students about sustainable development, climate change and environmental issues.
  7. To develop intellectual, mental and physical strength, leadership qualities and entrepreneurial skills among students.